For the second time Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC) and Perú Design Collective get together to present PACHA: Culinary design from Perú to Italy, an exposition housed and curated by Camp Design Gallery and Gala Fernández during Milano Design Week 2018 and would be developed in three consecutive and related workshops runned by PDC and Piopio Design Labs between Lima, Murano and Carrara with the Chef Diego OKA from restaurant La Mar Mandarin Oriental, Miami.

PACHA: earth, tierra, terra.

In the Inca language “Quechua”, the meaning for pacha is earth, soil or space for life. This word circles everything we are doing with this piece of work. All the materials used in this project will come from the PACHA like the Murano glass, the Carrara marble and the food giving life to unique pieces crafted and design by the team.

It is an experimental workshop of new crockery concepts for food. Seeking to recover peruvian cooking heritage and designing new products made of glass and marble that impact the way we experience peruvian food.

This project aims to focus on the dialogue between Peruvian gastronomy and Italian manufacturing techniques with established professionals and students of the Interior Design program of the UPC School of Design.

Their expression is inspired into the recognized peruvian food and now it is open to the world throught a banquet set up (of unique pieces) for the most sparkling week in Milan.

Pacha logo, 2018

Pacha logo, 2018

The Workshop in Lima

PACHA: earth, tierra, terra.

We started at Lima with a three days workshop lead by PDC and the designer Gala Fernandez. The brief present four Peruvian traditional dishes: el ceviche, la causa, el sudado and la papa a la huancaina and the necessity of creating  unique pieces for all of them using glass and marble. We got the input of the peruvian Chef Diego Oka who works at La Mar Mandarin Oriental restaurant at Miami about how important is recipient where the food is serve, as the same time, Gala Fernandez give the students the input of traditional techniques of Italian artisans and how manage the design process. Finally this process was worked for two weeks with PDC and have a first view in 3d models for reference to the Italian producers.

The students

This time we work with students from the Interior Design program of the UPC School of Design in Lima, Peru, to show the next generation of designers how important it is to work with artisans and to appreciate traditional techniques, all of this to encourage them to work with their own craftsmen and local materials.

The Worshop at Murano

Murano is known for its exceptional glass work techniques. For this reason it was our first stop in Italy and thus turn everything projected into reality. Through the workshop led by Gala Fernandez and PDC in collaboration with the forniio of Antichi Angeli directed by Carlo Colizza, students are introduced to work directly with glass and understand the limits between design and raw materials.

The Workshop at Carrara

At the second stop: Carrara, we visited the city and a marble quarry to learn about the material and understand how it works. The process in this case is totally different and is a perfect blend of tradition and a new digital era with CNC tools. The weight of marble, textures, traditional techniques and new technology are very good excuses for experimentation.

The exhibition at Camp Design Gallery

Camp Design Gallery, directed by Beatrice Bianco and Valentina Lucio, is a special place in the Navigli district of Milan, Italy. The gallerists curated the exhibition of the pieces created in the cities in which we have worked during this project.
For the inauguration, chef Diego Oka prepared an exquisite peruvian menu that we could share with our guests. The students were the hosts of the event, welcoming the guests and explaining their designs.

The Talk

Looking for reflexion of what we have done, the gallery organiced a talk between, Gala Fernandez, Diego Oka, Janina de las Casas and the members of PDC, to generate this moment of thinking abut the value and importance of events like this. Our responsability as academics with our students and how we are searching for cultural identity threw design and food. 


PDC is always searching for people that want to collaborate and to share experience, friendship and design. Is this opportunity anything can't be done without the collaboration and hard work of: 

1. Pedro Alvarez (P&E International) / Trip organisation

2. Beatrice Bianco & Valentina Lucio / Camp Design Gallery (Milano, Italy)

3. Carlo Colizza - Antichi Angeli / Glass Blowing artisan (Murano, Italy)

4. Diego Oka - Chef at La Mar Mandarin Oriental Miami / Gastronomy consultor

5. Janina de las Casas - Design School Dean at UPC / Academic relations

6. Gala Fernandez - Pio Pio Design Lab / Workshop in Lima, Murano and Carrara

7. Anna Fabrizi / Visit at Carrara, Italy


The final pieces

This is the photoshooting of all the peices we have done as designer and students at this, intense but incredible experience at PACHA presentating at the Milano Design Week 18.